Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breakfast of Champions!

Thank you Nutella! My life has become a little bit more complete since the discovery of Nutella... I learned about this tasty product while living in Italy. Every morning one of my very dear friends Michela had Brioche (which in America we call croissant's) with Nutella and a cappuchino. I never once saw peanut butter. It was always Nutella. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this product; it is a chocolate hazelnut breakfast spread. The equivalent of peanut butter in places where there is no peanut butter.

For breakfast a common theme of mine is Nutella and Strawberries. I love these two things together and being inspired by brioche and nutella in Italy I have made my own version!
1. Crescent Rolls (Pillsbury or an all natural kind)
2. Nutella.
3. Strawberries sliced thin (these are optional)\

I pretty mush take the crescent rolls and put a spread of Nutella at the beginning of the roll before forming them into the crescent roll shape. You would also add a couple slices of strawberries at this point. You bake according the package and VOILA!!!! a breakfast masterpiece. Easy, simple, cheap and tasty.

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