Friday, August 13, 2010

New Diets and Exciting Life things in general

WOW> Summer has come and almost gone.

Personal News: August 22nd I will attend an Open Casting Call for the next Food Network Star... Wish me luck! Hopefully the Idea of saving the world with food will be enough....

At the beginning of summer I came in and filmed at Whole Foods. Hopefully those videos will be edited and posted soon... Nothing better than education on Seafood and Meat.
Lots of great Ideas and new people to (cross my fingers) work with and learn from...

This summer has been a hot one.... Thank God for the Charcoal Grill.

Veggies have been the main dinner item for the past couple of months. Nothing like local corn burnt on the grill. Portabello mushrooms in tamari, bell peppers, asparagus, grilled pizzas and cold salads. Anything to keep the oven and stove off.

The move to Gluten Free and Dairy Free is inevitable at this point. Seizures can be very heavily helped by cutting these two main staples out of the diet of my usual "dinner guest"
Dairy in general is mass produced and bad for us and the earth so it makes lots of sense to just stop with it...
Tonight will be an experiment with gluten free pasta. We will see how it goes! Like I said before to Save the world with great food is my mission and hopefully this is just one more step into the right direction. If only one persons mind can be changed I consider it Job well done!

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