Thursday, August 22, 2013


Since Food is what my life revolves around.  Since everyday my creativity comes out in food.  Since I have the opportunity to be CREATIVE everyday.  I recently have been really inspired by friends starting food blogs, friends "liking" my FB page, and Instagram blowing up with food pictures, I am going to commit to posting yet again.

In the past year I have had some AMAZING opportunities.
let me list these:

I am now the Cooking Coach at WFM! and not just at any Whole Foods, the Boulder Co top 10 in the company Whole foods, I am maybe 1 in 10 in the entire company.
My 5 day a week Job is to be creative and inspire people to use real food and cook it themselves in their own homes.
(Dream Come True)

On my days off I personal Chef.  Damn I am a working woman.

I got to be on the news!!!!!

I have a couple interviews and blogs written about me and what I do.

Starting to make 15 second DIY videos with Whole Foods. Stay posted

and hopefully WAIT FOR IT :  Do it Like Dana cooking videos may be coming back.  (Now please don't hold your breath because it will most likely be after the holidays)

Ultimately I want to share with and Inspire at home Foodies, Chefs, and everyone in between.
How I will do this ? Will be  posting once if not twice a week on here.  Recipes, Pictures, and crazy dog stories. :)  This is the only way I will be able to have my voice heard without Whole Foods Edit, and share my Passion with you.  Ready to Be INSPIRED???????

 Raw Beet Ravioli at a RAWdiculusly Good Supper Club with my great friend and Healthy Eating Specialist Stephanie

 Healthy Tacos

My most favorite dessert.

 Getting dirty with the rotisserie duck :)

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  1. great Dana, we hope to see you soon in Italy. Gianluigi