Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello all!

My name is Dana. My whole life I have always loved to cook and watch cooking shows.   I would always watch cooking shows as my sister begged to turn on Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons.  My ultimate goal in life was to be the star of one of these shows because I loved (and still do love) food just as much as all those chefs and when I cooked people always seemed to be impressed.

After high school I attended The Art Institute of California, San Diego. Once I graduated from culinary school, I moved to Italy and worked in the Hotel Milano restaurant as a prep/line chef.  After 9 months of peeling the suction cups off of octopus and peeling potatoes I returned to the U.S. 

Once I moved back here I started running my mouth off to everyone about starting a cooking show, and someone took notice.  Now here I am 8 months later in the process of filming “Do it Like Dana.” I hope to simply teach people how to cook healthy and simple recipes.  As a young adult, expense is the biggest issue, and I want to show people it is possible to eat good quality food without the insanely high price. I want people to realize the reality of “you are what you eat,” and when you eat healthier you feel better.  It is possible!

My show(s) can be found on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=doitlikedana&aq=f

You can reach me here, through this blog.  If there is something you'd like to see me make, or you have a cooking related question, please feel free to ask.

Here's to seeing you in the kitchen!


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