Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What every kitchen needs - Utensils!

      What are the most important things to have in your kitchen is a very frequent question I am asked by all my friends? I think that this totally depends on the person and the kitchen they are cooking in.  For me different pots and pans, a GOOD SHARP knife, spatulas…. The list goes on and on. Without certain utensils in your house it makes it hard to cook in your own home. 

      A 13x9 pan has many uses; baking chicken, making lasagna, it’s a great substitute for a casserole dish, and making things like bars and brownies.  I use my 13x9 glass pan more than I use any other utensil in the oven.  A big sauté pan can be used not only to sauté things but mock deep frying, stir fry, pan fry, or even making a simple sauce for pasta.  A big soup pot can be used for soup and most importantly boiling pasta in lots of water! A heat resistant spatula can be used to scrape a dish out and stir hot food so you don’t ruin your pots and pans.  I always have measuring cups because generally when baking it is imperative to always use the exact amount.  Cheese graters are important because it is hard to slice cheese super thin.  Dry dish towels are important to be able to grab hot things out of your oven or grabbing anything hot in particular. Keeping your knife sharp keeps you and anyone in your kitchen safer.  A dull knife cuts worse because you are using more force and body weight to cut whatever it is.  Like the chefs would always tell me in school, “your knife should be doing all the work, not you.”

      In “Do It Like Dana,” I show you what is most important to me because throughout the years I have realized what makes it most comfortable to cook in my own kitchen.  There has been multiple times when a friend hasn't had a 13 by 9 pan and I’ve had to go out and buy one.  And that is how I've compiled what I think every kitchen needs, cooking at friends houses and them not having a critical utensil I need!

List of items every kitchen should have:

  • Good Sharp Chef Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Cheese Grater
  • Heat Proof Spatula
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Thermometer
  • Baster
  • Strainer (Colander)
  • 8x11 pan (13x9 or 7x10)
  • Sauce Pan
  • Sauté Pan
  • Hand Towel

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