Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Solar Powered Pancakes

Bike to Work Day was awesome! Whole Foods estimated that about 900 to a thousand people came through at this massive event.

Whole Foods since they are sponsoring Do It Like Dana provided all the material I needed to make small samples of French toast with strawberry sauce.

Here I am setting up in the in the early morning hours for the Bike to Work Breakfast in Boulder.

The samples of Strawberry French Toast was a big hit, as these bikers can attest.

Thanks to Whole Foods I was set up in a booth that was run off of Simple Solar solar power.

A friend of mine, Brandy, volunteered to help me out at the Bike to Work breakfast. I really appreciated the help. Thanks, Brandy!

Thank you to Whole Foods Market for providing the food, and thank you to everyone who made it out for Bike to Work Day, June 24th 2009!

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