Sunday, February 21, 2010

MmMmMM Enchiladas

Having more than just my usual “dinner guest” over for dinner is by far one of my favorite things to do. I always cook for more than two and have tons of leftovers so it is a treat to be able to feed friends and family. I’ve recently been on a Mexican food kick and enchiladas have been a once a week experiment for me. Over the last few weeks I have created vegan enchiladas which I used roasted red bell pepper, roasted Anaheim pepper, and cashew butter blended together to make almost a really heavy cream in place of the cheese. I have experimented with Queso Fresco which my “dinner guest” thought was a big chunk of cottage cheese in the middle, not so great if you don’t like cheese, and definitely weird to have in the middle of your enchilada. Yesterday I made them with pepper jack cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and mild cheddar cheese. They were the best I made so far besides the vegan ones (surprisingly the cashew/pepper butter was amazing). I always put different veggies in the middle but generally include spinach.

I try to sneak dark greens into almost everything I make. They are so good for you. No food compares to dark green veggies in nutritional value. I like to add squash, zucchini, potatoes, corn, pretty much a variety of different colors. If I am filling them with a cheese I stay away from potatoes, it seems like a little bit too much when cheese is your main focus. I prefer to use the canned green enchilada and make the red. There is a weird taste to me in the can of red, whole foods where I work doesn’t even sell red enchilada, but they do sell the dried peppers to make it with! I also add refried beans and some sort of rice. A little bit of onion and tomato sauce spice up rice in the most pleasant of ways. My guests thoroughly enjoyed the enchiladas and even after dinner for three I managed two more meals of leftovers. The next time I make an amazing enchilada I will keep you all posted.

Now the real question is; does anyone in the Denver/boulder have an amazing authentic Mexican restaurant to suggest? I am dying for some real Mexican food!

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